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Its a Dirty Job

We’ve been spending substantial time talking and thinking dirty. Our ability to succeed depends substantially on our soils. Poor soils means weak pastures and herds that won’t thrive. There’s a whole world of soils science out there, in fact Holly … Continue reading

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Winter’s Regenerative Powers

One of the ideas we respect and enjoy about farming is seasonality. With our very first annual cycle still underway, we’ve caught a glimpse of what we hope to learn much more about. The earth is spherical; most things move in waves; straight … Continue reading

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Haycorns in the 100 acre wood! Jason found the first one. It was on the driveway. He was excited, as are we. We’re fortunate to have a dozen enormous white oak trees in our yard. About a week ago they … Continue reading

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Way to Bee Free, Honey

When we came here to Dogwood Farms I took a beekeeping class with Orange County Beekeepers (great people). Bees are amazing creatures. They began appearing on earth roughly 100 million years ago (dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago), which means … Continue reading

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The Places In Between

A maintained pasture is an exceedingly pleasant thing to behold, and a mature forest is also highly rewarding. Its the places in between (a fantastic book if you haven’t had the pleasure) that present our greatest land challenge: the abandoned … Continue reading

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Pig Power

I went out of town for a couple of days, after setting out the polywire fence through a section of the forest. When I left, the pigs had just started exploring, so there were minimal signs (to my eyes at … Continue reading

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Chicks in the house

We’ve had backyard chickens before, but this time it’s different.  We got our first flock of chickens for the farm.  Only 10 of them, a small flock to turn our family’s table scraps into delicious and extremely local eggs. Only … Continue reading

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