End of Season

chicken and trailerAt Dogwood Farms we have come full circle on our first season and feel good about the results. We have cleared out 3 acres of overgrown pasture. Gone are huge swaths of invasives, vines, and weeds, exposing what appears to be decent pasture. This pasture is ready to recieve the livestock of our choice next spring. We no longer need to purchase eggs off farm, as our hens are finally keeping up with our family’s needs. Our pig paddock is quiet and we will soon have ample pork for ourselves and for our customers. The forest has been pleasantly disturbed by their clearing, earth turning, and fertilzing. All great things start with small steps. Yet small steps can provide a huge sense of satisfaction. To actively take part in providing our own sustenance and to integrate our lives with nature holds great meaning for us.

As for our pork – take a look at the photo gallery below. Our duroc/hampshire pigs were raised humanely in a completely natural environment in the woods, with free range to run, play, root and wallow. They were fed a diet of grain, fruits, vegetables, acorns, spent brewery grain, and food scraps, and are free of hormones and antibiotics. We will have a wide selection of fresh and smoked meat products in early December.

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One Response to End of Season

  1. marcy says:

    once again i’m so excited and impressed with what you guys have created! what a life! congratulations. i love the updates. have an amazing thanksgiving full of gratitude! love, m.

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