Way to Bee Free, Honey

When we came here to Dogwood Farms I took a beekeeping class with Orange County Beekeepers (great people). Bees are amazing creatures. They began appearing on earth roughly 100 million years ago (dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago), which means they have been pollinating the planet since flowering plants came in to existence.

The class also taught me that with my time constraints, beekeeping was unlikely to fit in. As luck would have it, a neighbor connected us to Marty at Just Bee NC. Marty places beehives around various local areas to collect the ultra-local tastes they produce. He uses Italian bees, with a slight Russian cross for varroa mite resistance.

Colorful helpers

Having Marty’s bees on our land brings many benefits. We’re supporting the local entrepreneurial and food communities while pollinating our pastures and flowering plants (berries, trees, legumes). I’m not sure how many bees we have but I suspect its around 100,000 at this point.

Its been great to connect with Marty and support his business while benefiting our own. And some day we can enjoy some of the ultra-local taste of our own micro-region here in southern Orange County.

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