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Chicks in the house

We’ve had backyard chickens before, but this time it’s different.  We got our first flock of chickens for the farm.  Only 10 of them, a small flock to turn our family’s table scraps into delicious and extremely local eggs. Only … Continue reading

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We’re gonna need a bigger boat

Sometimes doing things in smaller scale is harder, or at least no easier, than doing them in larger scale. What do you do with a few hundred pounds of spent grain, and only three pigs? I guess we should have picked … Continue reading

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Pigs in zen

Yesterday I figured the pigs were adjusted enough to us and their surroundings to venture forth into the pasture. I rigged up some fenced area for them using some chicken and goat electronet we have. First step was training them … Continue reading

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A pig step forward

Sometimes, opportunity just knocks. Last week, the day we were moving to the farm, a local farming friend sent a note recommending two reputable sources for weaner pigs with immediate availability. After waiting a few days for some of the … Continue reading

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